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Courtney is unlike any other physical therapists I’ve worked with. He’s patient, speaks to you in terminology that you understand, and explains the why behind what it is he’s doing to help you. Additionally, Courtney is well versed in the industry of physical therapy, he stays on top of cutting-edge modalities and is eager to explore new ways to help his patients. Most importantly, Courtney truly cares about your recovery and will do all that he can to support you during the process. Courtney is by far the most compassionate and intelligent Physical Therapist I’ve ever come into contact with.
Dan B


Hi, I am Jacob S. I am a sophomore in college and I am on the Swim and dive team for Colorado Mesa University.

When I was in high school I trained at a high level, around 8000 yards a practice. After so much strain my shoulders I was diagnosed with bicipital tendinitis in both my shoulders. I found STEM and ultrasound was good for long-term recovery but I wanted someone who could help me short term and long term.

There’s where I found Courtney and the cupping offered was just what I needed! It felt like an almost instantaneous fix. He helped me learn stretches and exercises to strengthen my shoulders for long-term results. My tendinitis has gotten a lot better but I still go in for cupping before meets or during heavy training. It keeps my muscles loose and keeps them from straining or tearing. All in all, Courtney has helped me out a lot in my athletic career.

Jacob S


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