Dr. Courtney Warren


Dr. Warren received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Touro University Nevada. In addition to serving as a physical therapist, Dr. Warren is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), certified in Applied Functional Science (CAFS), certified in Kinesio Taping (KT Level 1&2), and certified in Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehabilitation (FAKTR – Upper Extremity/ Lower Extremity). Courtney’s passion for sports led to years of athletic training experience in which he worked with NBA players, MLB players, as well as collegiate baseball, basketball, soccer, softball, and endurance athletes with a focus with swimmers. He enjoys working with athletes of all skill levels.

Dr. Warren has done a lot of sports related research, most recently being published for his studies on between-inning recovery methods on baseball pitching performance, and the effects and uses of electrical muscle stimulation in sports. Dr. Warren has used these techniques on various levels of athletes including high school, amateur, and professional athletes. He now applies this research to the athletes that come to see him at AZ Spine Disc and Sport. Today he remains a competitive swimmer on a local masters team and has spent over 10 years as youth swimming coach.

Education and Certifications

  • Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Touro University Nevada
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with Distinction (CSCS*D)
  • Certification in Applied Functional Science (CAFS)
  • Certified in Kinesio Taping (KT Level 1 & 2)
  • Certified in Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehabilitation (FAKTR, Upper Extremity, and Lower Extremity)
  • Certified in Myofascial Decompression (Level 1)
  • Certified in RockTape FMT Basic & Performance Taping


Wendy Hering, LMT

Growing up, I threw snowballs, baseballs, javelins, and practiced shooting a hockey puck millions of times. 

I wanted to win an Olympic gold medal and play in the NHL.  After several knee and shoulder surgeries, it finally dawned on my that I needed to start paying attention.  This led me to a career in massage therapy after realizing the profound effect massage had on my ice hockey damaged knee. 

I wish I had done things differently; I now try to help everyone pay more attention to what they are doing to their one and only body.

I hope my experiences with some of the most intelligent people in the world of strength and conditioning will forever change how we look at movement, strength, and mobility.


Kayli Riforgiate B.S. EP-C

Kayli graduated summa cum laude from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences- Fitness Wellness and a minor in biology. She became a Certified Exercise Physiologist in March of 2019 with the American College of Sports Medicine. Growing up an athlete herself, she has always been drawn toward health and fitness which ultimately led her toward the field of physical therapy. She plans to pursue her Doctor of Physical Therapy in the Fall of 2021. Kayli has been a part of the PRLab team for the past two years aiding in patient rehab, administrative duties, and social media marketing. She has a passion to empower clients on their own fitness journeys and help them achieve their optimum physical potential. 


Holly Hagedorn LMT, L1 Precision Nutrition coach, L1 CrossFit Coach

Holly completed her massage therapy license at Cortiva School of Massage Therapy in Chicago, IL. After graduating massage school, she worked with a number of chiropractors and with a wide variety of clients, helping patients recover from major surgeries to minor muscle aches, as well as providing maintenance therapy. To that end, she has expanded her expertise to include cupping and Graston techniques. Holly has developed a passion for working with athletes and bodybuilders, helping them with maintenance and recovery. She started her fitness journey in a CrossFit gym, and recently transitioned to bodybuilding and competing in NPC competitions in the wellness category. She enjoys training others in strength and conditioning, as well as in functional movements to achieve their goals. Being a bodybuilder herself, she knows how important body work and mobility is for feeling and performing the best and wants to help others perform at their highest potential.



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